Forage packaging

Volac has been involved in ruminant nutrition since 1970, and appreciates the value of good quality forage for successful livestock production.

Since the introduction of the ‘Volac Big Bale Wrapping System’ to the UK and Ireland in 1984, the practice of conserving grass in an individual package has revolutionised silage making on farms and helped improve animal performance.

Our range of products is designed to help you make the most of your forage.

Stretch Film

The Volac Topwrap range of film wraps has proven quality to give you the results you are looking for at the right price....
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Round Bale Net

Volac, in partnership with RKW, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of polyethylene filma and nets, bring you the Topnet and Rondotex ranges of round bale nets for silage, hay and straw.
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