Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

This production site is situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsular and was established in 2003 as a joint venture between the PGEO Group and Volac.

The factory is run under the company name VISB (VOLAC INGREDIENTS SDN BHD) and produces Megalac, the world’s leading rumen protected fat ingredient.

The site’s close proximity to the PGEO Group-run palm oil refineries at Pasir Gudang enables VISB to benefit from a secure and constant supply of quality assured palm fatty acid.

VISB is accredited with GMP B2 certification by the highly rated Productschap Diervoeder (PDV) (Product Board Animal Feed) at Europe. GMP B2 is a European quality control system of feed materials for animal feed.

Pasir Gudang factory image

Pasir loading bay image