Imunopro 35

Imunopro is specifically manufactured for use in the diets of young animals. It offers superb digestibility and is a cost effective alternative to skim milk powder.

Nutritional analysis


Features and benefits


Made from milk protein, Imunopro is carefully processed to retain an ideal balance of all the nutrients and amino acids that are considered essential for the growth and development of young animals.

Imunopro is specially designed and processed in a way that supports the activity of certain key nutrients found in milk protein, including:

  • Immunoglobulins and Lactalbumins – immune function support
  • Lactoferrins - bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect
  • Lactoperoxidase - antibacterial and antioxidant activity
Trial work has confirmed the benefits of Imunopro in increasing feed intake and daily liveweight gain, as well as improving feed conversion ratio.


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