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Our calf milk replacers, health supplements, feeders and feeding equipment help get your calves off to the best possible start.  We manufacture our own performance milk powders.

Updated Feeding Recommendation

Over the coming months updated recommendations (click here for details) will begin to appear on our bags/ These have been developed to deliver increased growth rates in early life, but may be tailored to fit your individual system and targets.

Further to developments surrounding the feeding of calf milk once a day (click to see details from Volac and DEFRA) we are now in  the process of updating our feeding recommendations for once and twice a day feeding. For further information.

You can rely on excellent support from our technical, sales and marketing teams, who aim to give you all the advice and information you need to help you get the most out of your calves.

Feed For Growth

The first 3 months are fundamental when determining a
new-born calf’s adult performance – a critical point which
is all too often overlooked. That’s why Volac has created the
Feed For Growth (FFG) programme.

The pre-wean period is crucial for rearing efficiency, herd
performance, and ultimately the profitability of the farm. The FFG
programme is a birth to weaning initiative which is built around a
range of materials, both educational and practical, to enable you
to forecast, plan and execute on-farm pre-wean protocols more
efficiently and with greater benefit than ever before.

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